Saturday, November 12, 2011


1. Public transports

- Seats for the elderly, pregnant women and disabled are all taken up by those who are not from the said categories.

- Tattered cushion cover, screws popping out of the seats and random grafiti

2. Restrooms

- Smelly and sometimes overflowing or un-flushed

- No hygienic method of disposing sanitary pads.

3. On the road

- Road hogging, not indicating correctly, drunk driving, talking on the phone…the list goes on and on….

- Nosy buggers who’d stop their car to check out the aftermath of an accident.

4. Queuing up

- Cutting queues seem to be a norm among Malaysian, be it when getting food ast the restaurant, purchasing movie ticket or lining up at the bank to pay your bills.

5. Littering

Drains, roadsides, rivers and right under the “dilarang Membuang Sampah” signboards are personal favourite dumping area

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