Thursday, August 22, 2013

Green Grass at the Other Side

I’m looking at my subordinate report on hiring and resignation, and suddenly I have an idea to share few info based on my experiences. I have been working in HR department for quite number of years now. With a big organization with almost 1000 employees located in Malaysia and many more in all location around the world and small organization with 300 employees only in Malaysia. And my opinion when come to this question ‘ Why employee leaving the company?’ is always the same in any industry or any organization.
Every month, at least 5 exit interviews(resignation process) been conducted here in my Oil & Gas Division. We have around 400 employees in Oil & Gas-Malaysia Operations. Since hiring process is not an easy job, resignation is a worst scenario. People leaving with 1 month notice will give HR dept headache with duration of 1 month to do hiring process. These hiring processes involve money, time and energy of so many people.

To fill up 1 vacant position is not an easy job. HR needs to advertise, screen a lot of resume and please take not that not all applications are suitable for such position. We make a phone interview to get an idea on the candidate capability, behavior and competency. A phone call interview is just part of the screening process before we invite the candidate for interview session with the Hiring Manager. Just imagine how much time we put to get the best candidate. HR select few potential candidates, arrange for interview session with Hiring Manager (most of the time, 2 panels from the department) and HR-recruitment Manager. The result from the interview session is always like*&%#*

Panel A- agree to hire, HR-recruitment also agree BUT Panel B-instruct HR to find other candidate
Panel A & B – not agree at all = so HR to find other candidate
Panel A agree, Panel B agree BUT the candidate ask for high salary which Co can’t afford
Panel A agree, Panel B agree, HR-Recruitment agree, Offer Letter issued BUT the candidate reject the offer
Panel A, B and HR-Recruitment agree, Offer Letter issued, candidate agree and sign the Offer Letter BUT the candidate did not turn up after all process is completed
And the list goes on and on with so many reasons…

Most of employee whom leaving are
a)      not happy with their relationship with superior/Boss
~ It is important to have a Boss that inspires you to be better in your work and provide clarity in work expectations frequently. You should feel comfortable working for your superior and have a connection, which allow you to be able to speak to your Boss openly.
b)       not happy with their work
~there should always be a great sense of pride in the work you do. People with passion for their work are proven to be more successful and enganged.
c)        looking for a better rewards/ benefits/career enhancement
~ when there is clarity that there is no longer any opportunity for advancement within the organization or the opportunity doesn’t seem to interest you, it is a sign that you have outgrown the organization.
d)      like to have a chance to speak up. Want to work with Senior Management whom can hear and accept suggestion from employee at junior level.
~organisation/team member need to welcome new employee with a generous spirit and open to share knowledge. Accept new idea from new generations and able to work with all level of employee with no age barrier/issues

So please, I beg to all Managers  and Bosses out there, please take care of your own people.  If you have a good employee in your team, please nurture them and play your role as a Manager. Your role is not only to make sure your Dept doing well but also to make sure your people happy with their work, environment etc.  Please act like human, this is year 2013 where Manager not just screaming, give order and play a Dictator role.

Obviously, there is nothing wrong with the decision to resign and leaving current organization. Finding ways to improve yourself and your career is the main agenda. Sometimes, it is not that you are not suitable for the’s just that the organization is not suitable for you. It’s like journey to find your soul mate, after 5 breaks up, sweats and tears…finally you find the best among the best.

And one more important note, whatever you decide to do, remember that you should aim to leave the organization in the similar manner in which you joined the organization-with respect and gratitude.