Friday, July 8, 2011


Your ATTITUDE can be your most valuable asset. For it is with you ATTITUDE that make use of all the other assets. If you have a well-developed skill but don't take the initiative to use it, you might as well not even have that skill. If you have a great opportunities and fail to take advantage of them, they wont be of any value to you. In fact, you do have more than enough intelligence and skill to reach any goal you set for yourself.

You do have ways to access the resources necessary to achieve anthing that you're fully committed to achieving. The defining factor is your ATTITUDE. Because your ATTITUDE is yours to choose. It ultimately depends not on any outside factors, but on what you decide to make it.

You have a whole world full of goods things going for you. Adopt an ATTITUDE that enables you to always make the best of what you have.

~Ralph Marston~

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